An undergraduate student's summer can be spent in myriad ways, but if you would like to include mathematics in that blend, here are few programs I've found to be attractive:

PROMYS Counseling Position:

PROMYS is an intensive mathematics program at Boston University for high school students. Number Theory is the main entree of the program; if your background in number theory is strong, consider applying for a undergraduate counselor position.


"The Research in Industrial Projects (RIPS) Program provides an work in teams on a real-world research project proposed by a sponsor from industry or the public sector."

If applied mathematics is your interest, this program appears great. And if Asia is calling your soul, consider RIPS in Hong Kong


Great opportunity to conduct research. The program is not math specific, but there may be few projects in mathematics that may cater to your interest. And spending a summer in Germany is, well, pretty cool.

Summer Undergraduate Applied Mathematics Institute

Carnegie Mellon aims to offer students an intensive graduate school ambiance for undergraduate students uncertain about attending graduate school. A mix of research and coursework in applied mathematics.

Bard College REU

Bard College offers Research Experience for Undergraduate (REU). More comprehensive list of REU is available at REU search website [1]

This page will be updated. Also, if anyone knows math camp-like programs for undergraduates, I would appreciate your sharing.

LTY 30 November 2012

For anyone who enjoys working with high school or younger students, the summer program called Super Summer that is run by the Gifted Education Research Institute, or GERI, here at Purdue is a wonderful program. There are classes involving Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Chemistry, and more! "GERI is a multidimensional center dedicated to the study, discovery, and development of human potential. Every summer, for over 34 years, GERI has engaged gifted, creative, and talented students from across the country and around the world in residential camps designed to stimulate their imagination and expand their abilities. Students who have completed grades 5 through 12 live in campus residence halls, take challenging courses, and participate in engaging recreational activities. GERI offers three programs each summer." - Taken from GERI's webpage (listed below-

For more information please visit Purdue Gifted Education Institute Webpage Also, the PDF file for the summer brochure is available here: Summer 2012 Brochure

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