Discuss why you are taking this class, what your goals are in college, and your dreams in life.

MA375, Spring 2010, Prof. Walther

I really like this RHEA page. It has been super helpful for this class. I am really happy that he made us use it a few times. I will prolly keep doing it for help!

I am taking this class because I am a math ed. major and some high schools teach a discrete math course. Because of this, I figured that I should take this course, even though we will go way more in depth than a high school class.

I'm taking this class because I haven't taken a discrete math course before. I'm a mathematics major, but there is no particular area that I prefer over others so far. Since it's just undergrad, I figure its best to try everything and see what I like. I'm dual majoring in biology, but I kind of wish I could pick up more majors and still graduate on time. Pretty much every field of science interests me. As for my dreams in life, I'm not really sure. I kind of take everything on a day-to-day basis because so far, I haven't found anything that really inspires me enough to want to do it for a living.

I'm taking this class because I needed one more technical elective before I could graduate with a degree in mechanical engineering. When I first came to college my goal was just to graduate on time with a good GPA so I could get a job and make lots of money. But that changed as I began to seek God more. My goal has since been to glorify God in any way that I can and to share God's plan of grace that he has provided to us through Jesus Christ. :)

I am extremely curious as to how that leads to studying discrete mathematics.

TQU: I'm taking this course because it is required. I want to be a teacher in the future, and I have always wanted to be a good teacher. Discrete mathematics challenges our logical thinkings about numbers. It is helpful to know for higher mathematics.

I am taking this for my minor as well as to look at mathematics from a different perspective. I am an A&AE major and I specialize in Design and Fluid Dynamics, so much of my life is the application of functions rather than the derivation of such. I must also resist the huge temptation to just use MatLab and the Law of Large Numbers to solve all the homework... So far I've resisted.

Math Ed major trying to fulfill my math requirements. I was told by my adviser that most math eds take this course.

I'm taking this to fulfill the requirements for my major, which is math ed. I'm taking this specific course because I was told that this was the course most math majors took to fulfill their problem solving requirement.

I'm also in Math Ed, so I'm taking this for my major. I really want to travel after I graduate, and math is not only needed everywhere, but its the same everywhere. I know for a fact that Israel and Australia need decent math teachers at all grade levels.

One of the reasons I because a math major was my interest in discrete math. Discrete math seems like the best way to learn how to solve puzzles and helps you refine your thinking for this specific purpose. Discrete math to me is fun math. This really appealed to me. My goals in college are to do well and to assure myself that I am capable of obtaining a degree in a very challenging and interesting subject. I also want to affect others in my college community in a good way. As for life: Once I get the degree, I want to work for about ten years and then head down to South East Asia, South America, and Africa to do volunteer/NGO work for people who actually need help i.e. those whose most important problems have more to do with survival and satisfaction of basic needs rather than deciding whether or not taking MA375 is a wise move or not.

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