Does anyone know if the student solutions manual is worth buying?

It depends on what you consider worth buying. If you want it to copy answers, don't bother. But even though it doesn't put down everything, it helps avoid obvious mistakes. If you want a book to get you through the hard step, its probably worth getting.

^ isn't any help. It's only selected odds. It skips a lot of steps and doesn't explain in detail. And I know it is not available at the campus book stores. Going to prof office hours is probably the best thing if you need help or posting your question on here (Rhea).

I bought the manual in the campus book stores. I actually think it IS helpful because you can look at similar problems and get ideas if you are stuck

It was too expensive to even consider because the book itself cost me $140. Plus the odd answers are already in the back of the textbook.

I agree with the idea that it is useful for ideas and understanding. It doesn't just plop an answer on top of you, nor does it hold your hand through the whole process. Being able to pick it for information is very helpful. And as for the cost, buy it used and sell it. For the net price it is probably worth it.

just a heads up, unlike most other classes this book isn't on cramster. But I would highly recommend it as a go to site for any other classes

I also think it is helpful though some of its explanations are not the best.

Correction *This book is on Cramster.*

It's wrong and detrimental to the student to look up a problem and see how it is solved. The point is to force the student to figure it out for herself. Nevertheless I think it would be advantageous to be able to check an answer before submitting it. Ideally you'd receive a "correct" or "incorrect" response from the check, without being given any information on what the correct answer actually IS, or on how to actually solve the problem. That way, you can avoid being punished for minor errors (arithmetical errors for instance) and see where your understanding is poor, without being given a free lunch.

Does anyone else have problems understanding this material?

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