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MA375, Spring 2009, Prof. Walther

I am having a little trouble in this class and I really didn't understand anything about the combinatorial proofs on the last homework assignment. I got the algebraic proofs somehow though.

Tyler M.

So how is everybody doing in the class? Did anyone get how to do number 38 on the this weeks homework? Or does anyone understand combinatorial proofs. I think it is so much easier to post on this thing is we have a topic. So what are some other things you guys are struggling with.

Chris C.

I feel class is going alright, it is very challenging in some of the proofs presented. I understand some of the combinatorial proofs, however they can become very complex. I have to say that I somewhat enjoy the permutation and combination problems. They get you thinking outside the box.

Kristen Pairitz

I seem to find the algebraic proofs some what easier to work through. The combinatorial take a while to grasp the concept of what is being described.


Wait so do we have like specific Rhea assignments each week, or are we just supposed to write something? Oh well, this is cool, I guess I'll just write something. -Zoe

I had the same question about how to properly do a combinatorial proof. As far as the class is going, it is at least interesting, I think of the problems as almost brain teasers.

-Mike A

I find some of the problems a bit challenging but interesting. I think for the combinatorial proofs, you just need to verbally describe what is happening on each side of the equation. -Stephanie M

This class has been a challenge from the beginning although I find it very interesting.

-Joel H.

The problems we're doing right now are very similar to what I did in STAT 416. So far, I'm not having too many problems with the homework or the class in general. It just requires a lot of thinking. -Catherine W.

Math! -Matt

I also took STAT416 last semester and have found that the types of problems are very similar, although taught differently.


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