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You are encouraged to discuss homework problems (and other problems from the book, or from anywhere else) on this page. You may post hints, but not entire solutions.When you turn in your assignment, you should write the solution yourself.

  • I do not fully understand what the instructor means in question 3 when he says state what expression is being substituted for a, b, and c. For instance when you get to the step: $ xz + (xw + (yz + yw)) $ That is clearly A1, but how am I suppose to clarify?

I came up with a solution for question 12(c), I was just going to reverse the order, but Dr. Kummini said there was an error with my reasoning. If anyone can point it out to me that would be fantastic.

1. -a=(-1)a 2. -a+a=(-1)a+a 3. 0=(-1)a+(1)a 4. 0=(-1+1)a 5. 0=0a 6. 0=0

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