Topics from meeting (October 14)

Attendees: Mark Johnson, Matthew Swabey, James Krogmeier, Jason Holmes, Scott Stack, Chris Romanoff, Kin Chin Chua, Michael Piercy

Development board chosen: MCBSTM32EXL

Advice for group members:

  • Document everything!
  • Take pictures of specific milestones
  • Write down design decisions and the reasons for those decisions
  • Obtain printouts of any signals or other relevant plots of data
  • Keep all this on your Rhea design notebook

Tasks for the upcoming week:

1.Begin prototyping with the development board to make sure that it can perform all the tasks we need it to.

  • Write down specific tasks and requirements
  • List how the board matches each requirement
  • State anything lacking

2. Choose a wireless tranceiver that can communicate with our processor (Cortex M-3)

3. Choose a vehicle platform or two and get data on them.

4. Decide on the environment where the vehicle will be driven

  • Will it be inside, outside, etc.
  • What obstacles should it be able to handle
  • What specific sensors will be used and what is their purpose
  • Are there any environments we are excluding in our design parameters?

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