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(Question: Are these just ideas, or are they required? For example, if we do something else instead, would that count for our weekly contribution to Rhea without us having to do these? Answer::

Each of you is supposed to do something on Rhea each week. You may write what you like, where you like it. You may create new pages, or links between existing pages, or post movies or illustrations or whatever. Be inventive, go with your guts. If you want to know the answer to a question, ask for it. If you have an idea to somebody else's question, state it. If you feel lost, explain what confuses you.

Regarding "I'm awful with editing with this thing": look at other's peoples posts, this is by far the best way to figure out how to do something that you have seen elsewhere.

Regarding "Where do we put it": wherever you think it belongs. This may be on existing pages, or on a page that you create specifically for that purpose.

Main rule: don't be shy!

Eg, maybe someone could make the "Ideas for posting" a separate page so it does not take up the space on the front page...)

uli. )


To me, it's also a great place to either ask questions you don't understand, or try to help if you're on top of everything so far. The wiki structure is pretty lenient, so if you mess something up, someone can just change it later.

Looking for Ideas? Here's a few:

  • Outline the lecture, and/or summarize a point from it.
  • Discuss the homework.
  • Post a question about the homework (probably the easiest)
  • If you had no problems, point out what you thought was the hardest part of the homework.
  •  ??? [If you have an interesting idea, post it here, and see if people join in!]

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