How to create different fonts

Look at the source of this page to learn how to create these fonts and special effects.

  • This is bold font
  • This is red font.
  • This is italic font
  • This is crossed-out text.
  • This is blinking font. (You won't see it blink with Safari: use firefox 3 instead.)
  • This is small text in a box.
  • What follows is text in a pre-formatted area:
     Everything I write here, including code and symbols, is going to be displayed "as is", e.g. %$#*&^\<><\span>.
  • Now I am going to write pre-formatted text in line with media wiki code: &blah\\blih&<math>
  • When writing equations, you can either align them like this (inline) $ 2\pi $ or like that (standard) $ 2\pi $.
  • You can write in color within equations like this: $ x+y+{\color{red}w}+{\color{blue} z} $.
  • Using color in equations allows you to make check marks and other corrections in other people's equations, such as this:
$ \begin{align} X(z) &= \sum_{n=-\infty}^\infty x[n]z^{-n} \text{ (by definition of the z-transform)}, {\color{OliveGreen}\surd}\\ &= \sum_{n=-\infty}^\infty a^n(u[n-2]+u[n])z^{{\color{red}-}n}. \\ \end{align} $

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