There are two ways to create a new semester+instructor specific course page on Rhea.

  • The easiest way is to click the "Create a new course page" link in the right side-bar and follow the instructions. Please feel free to then add your course page to the course list.
  • Alternatively, you can simply create a new page dedicated to this course. It is best to use a descriptive title like "ECE112Fall08MarySmith" when creating the page. Please feel free to then add your course page to the course list. Note that we use categories to tag pages based on the course they are associated with. Thus when creating a new course, you need to define a new category. Please choose a unique, descriptive name for the course's category (such as XYZ123SmithFall2009). This category should then be added to every page that belongs to that course (This would look like [[Category:XYZ123SmithFall2009]] in the source code of the page. Note that the "Create a child page" link takes care of that automatically.) On the Category:XYZ123SmithFall2009 page, you can add links to more general categories that relate to this course, like [[Category:XYZ123]]] and [[Category:Smith]]]. This is a bit complicated so using the previous method is recommended.

For the text of your course page, you can follow this simple new course template, or this even simpler one. If you have created another template, please feel free to link it here.

Note that anybody with a career account can create a course page. By courtesy, we suggest that students notify their instructor before creating a Rhea page for a class.

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