Because we are so close to the end of the semester, in lieu of a clustering assignment, the last homework will be the peer review of homework 2. Each student will be assigned another student's paper to review by e-mail.


Double blind review: each review should be posted using an anonymous login.

What should the review contain?

  • Constructive comments. Do this for each question
    1. Summarize what they did
    2. Say what is good
    3. Say what could be improved
  • Grading. Grade the whole assignment.
    1. OK (B)
    2. Good (A)
    3. Excellent/Very Good (A+)
    4. OK- or NOT OK (B-/Fail)

Due April 25 11:59:59 pm (will accept it until April 28 if you handed in homework 2 on time.)

Peer Review Link

Click here to download homework to review You can also upload your review here if you are brave enough to post under your true name.

Click here to read the reviews

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