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Are there instructions on how to remotely access MAPEL anywhere? It would be nice to have access to check my work.

Login to software remote at the following link:


You will probably need to install the Citrix software. Once you do and are logged in, select

Applications -> Standard Software -> Computational Packages -> Maple 14

and the software will load remotely. Brig --Brericks 10:50, 30 October 2010 (UTC)

Another great resource I've found is:


but you will need to use Mathematica syntax there instead of MAPLE.

Question #14, is f(x) even? I know that pi*exp(-X) is neither odd or even, but when I graph the 2 conditions, they are symmetrical about the origin. To solve the problem, do I split up the integrals like Question #20?

Answer: Yes, the function is even because

$ f(-x)=\pi e^{-(-x)}=\pi e^{x}=f(x) $

for a positive value of x. You can simplify your calculations by noting that the integral from minus L to plus L of an even function is equal to two times the integral from zero to L.

Question #17-18: Is there some way to "show" this analytically (given the hints), or should we just compute the first half-dozen terms and say "close enough"?

Answer: You will need to note that the Fourier Series converges to the function. After that, you'll need to plug in x=0 and x=1 and notice that the Fourier Series pops out the sum you are after. Page 482 is helpful.

 --Plug x=0 and x=1 into what? Where do we do this? Thanks!
 --Answer: Use Prob #3.
 --Oh haha. I didn't realize we were supposed to use it for both. Thank you!

Question #20, The integral for a_o, a_n, and b_n involve a function that is zero from 0 to 2. How do I compute the integral?

Answer: You will just integrate from 2 to 4 instead of from 0 to 4.

Are we allowed to use Maple or MatLab to graph? Or should we hand-sketch the plots?

Answer from Bell: Yes, use MAPLE or Matlab or Mathematica or SAGE or whatever you know how to use. But don't sketch it by hand. That would be almost impossible.--Steve Bell 18:32, 2 November 2010 (UTC)

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