Here are the groups of 4 with the list of Euclid propositions they are responsible for:

Austin, Jessica M., Brown, Adam J., Choi, Jungu: 5,21,38

Christian, Jacob A., Cox, Merriebeth, Curiel, Christopher M., Darbro, Brittany A.: 6,24,39

Davis, Jennifer A., Frizzell, Anthony D., Halliwell, Brian C., Hart, Jaclyn I.: 2,20,37

Haynie, Joel R., Horn, Dana E., Jacobs, Timothy R., Keisling, Jonathan D.: 7,25,43

Kerrigan, Patrick R., Klemme, Lauren M., Knight, Mark D., Knott, David B.: 8,26 part I,44

Larson, Jennifer K., Maser, Jonathan E., McKittrick, Craig C., Reagin, Susan J.: 16,26 part II,45

Riddell, Katherine M., Riney, Matthew S., Romans, Ashley N., Shore, Janelle C.: 18,35,47

Vaught, Mary C., Wei, Katherine S., Yang, Zhengan: 19,36,48

If you are not listed on any of these, please contact me immediately. Failure to do so will potentially cost you extra credit.

Rules of the game: Starting next week we will go through the definitions, axioms, common notions, and propositions of Euclid I. We proceed in sequence of the textbook. One "randomly" chosen person from the group responsible for that proposition will be asked to present the proof on the board FROM MEMORY. No notes, no slides. Time = 10 minutes. Successful presentations earn extra credit for the whole group, but unsatisfactory presentations will also do damage to the whole group. I will present propositions not listed above and occasionally provide additional commentary.

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