Announcing Rhea's (Multimedia) Essay Contest!

Do you like writing? Would you like to make money? Then Rhea has something for you this summer: an essay contest!

To win one of the cash prizes, write an essay on one of the following topics, and post it on Rhea by July 20, 2010, 11:59pm EST. The best essay in each category will be judged by a team of students from the Rhea team. Winners will be announced August 1st, 2010.

There is no size limit or format rules. Your essay can contain text, pictures, sound, videos, equations, flow charts, C code, anything! Be inventive, think out of the box! Short essays will be considered too: the idea is to be interesting and convincing!



Instructions to participate:

  • Begin by reading Rhea's disclaimer.
  • Write your essay on a separate Rhea page, using the wikitext markup language (Rhea's language). (Use Rhea's "rich editor" if you don't know this language. See this video to learn how to create a Rhea page.)
  • Post a link to your essay page on the corresponding topic page (listed above).
  • Make sure to post the link before the July 20, 2010 (11:59pm EST) deadline.

Selection Criteria

The winners will be selected based on

  • content
  • originality
  • creativity
  • clarity

Note that essay length is NOT a criteria. You may submit a very short essay, or a very long one: it does not matter. Feel free to include image, sound, videos, equations, code, flow charts, etc. Be creative! Think out of the box!


If you have questions, either write them below or email kiwi@ecn.purdue dot you know what.

  • Can I write more than one essay?
    • Yes you can. -pm
  • Can I participate in more than one subject?
    • Yes, you can, and you can also win more than once too!-pm
  • Can I participate if I am not a Purdue student?
    • Unfortunately no, you must be a student to participate.-pm
  • I just graduated from Purdue in May 2010. May I participate?
    • Yes, you may and are eligible for the cash prizes. -pm
  • write another question here.
    • answer will go here.

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