To run Eclipse + Qt integration:


1.) Install CDT through Eclipse using the p2 software repository:

The CDT can either be installed as part of the Eclipse C/C++ IDE packaged zip file or installed into an existing Eclipse using the "Install New Software..." dialog and entering the p2 repository URLs listed below.

p2 software repository: http://download.eclipse.org/tools/cdt/releases/galileo.

source: http://www.eclipse.org/cdt/downloads.php


2.) Install Qt integration from the following site for your OS.

source: http://qt.nokia.com/developer/eclipse-integration/


3.) Create new Qt project by choosing:

New > Project > Qt > Qt GUI Project

There is an option before you click "Finish" to make the project type a "Main Window"


4.) Profit!!!


P.S. - I run Ubuntu, but this should work in Windows also

P.P.S. - If you have error 127, make sure you have g++, gcc, and make installed.

- Brandon Gardner

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