ECE Ph.D. Qualifying Exam

CE-5 | August 2016

1. (a) False.

(b) True.

(c) False.

(d) False.

(e) True.

2. (a) B3

(b) B2, 3

(c) B6

(d) <B3,C> <B6,H> <B4,J>

(e) B6-B1-B2

3. (a) L/S

(b) 8P/B

(c) T1+T

(d) No, transmission finishes before collision.

(e) T2 >= T3

4. (a) >16 (The initial answer we got was >= 32 but it was incorrect.)

(b) Duplication

(c) 16 MSS

(d) 24 MSS

(e) cwnd = 1 MSS, cthres = 12 MSS

5. (a) Server send Pu(S)

(b) Pu(CA)

(c) None of above

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