ECE Ph.D. Qualifying Exam

CE-5 | August 2015

1. (a) False.

(b) True.

(c) False. Switch does not change MAC address.

(d) False.

(e) True.

2. (a) B1,B2,B3

(b) X,S,Z,W

(c) B2

(d) -

(e) B1, B2

(f) S

(g) B1,B2,B3

(h) W

3. (a) 16KB

(b) (i) 1KB (ii) 64KB

(c) (i) 64KB (ii) 68KB

4. (Part A) -> H.COM-SERVERS.NET -> (Part B) (1) (2) H.COM-SERVERS.NET (3) A.GTLD-SEVERS.NET (4) (5) Nothing

(c) (1,2) T and (1,3) T and (2,3) T

5. (a) (i) E(M, Jill-Pub) (ii) Yes, E(M, Jill-Pub) is the best Jack can do without exposing M.

(b) M || E(H(M), Jack-Private)

(c) No, not a strong hash function.

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