ECE Ph.D. Qualifying Exam

CE-5 | August 2014

1. (a) False. Whole packet will be re-transmitted.

(b) False. Packet switching allows user to utilize maximum bandwidth.

(c) True. It is impossible to guarantee transfer within 100 ms. Internet is the best effort.

(d) False. MAC is static and does not get reassigned.

(e) False. A does not make any money.

2. (a) C 2

(b) - inf

(c) B 6

(d) A 3

(e) No, update must be in correct order.

3. (a) >9 (The initial answer we got was >=16 but it was incorrect)

(b) Timeout

(c) 8 MSS

(d) Yes, 10-15.

(e) 14 MSS

(f) 7 MSS

4. (a) (0,3) T

(b) (0,3) T

(c) (1,2) T and (1,3) T and (2,3) T

5. (a) Pr(CA)

(b) Pu(S)

(c) Processing symmetric key is less computational expensive.

(d) Pu(S)

(e) Pu(CA) is available on browsers.

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