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The Bouman Lectures on Image Processing

A Slecture by Maliha Hossain

© 2013

Foreword by Maliha Hossain

These notes were taken while watching Professor Charles Bouman's lecture series on Digital Image Processing (ECE 637). Whereas the original video lectures are each about 50 minutes long, the videos in these notes have been edited whenever necessary so that each video covers one major topic.

I would like to point out beforehand that the scope of each topic is generally limited to what I believe is relevant to the lectures. They were written to help me learn the material of the course and should not be treated as a comprehensive article on any topic. In some cases there is extra material from other sources that is not mentioned in the lecture videos. I have included such cases to beef up my own understanding of concepts where I was lacking. They will not be on the test but I hope they are helpful in clarifying otherwise abstract concepts.

You can find more information about this course at the ECE 637 course wiki. The Youtube playlist for the original videos can be found here. The course notes are available here.

I hope you find these notes helpful. If you notice an error or would like to discuss a topic further, Please leave me a comment on the relevant talk page.

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