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This discussion board is used to clarify issues on the lab and pre-lab.

Q: For the first and last questions in part 2 of this lab, does anybody know they the RLC BP filter isn't used for the two-tone test, or why the in-band third-order inter-modulation terms are important? I honestly haven't a clue...

A: We actually don't have a solution key for the labs, and the TAs aren't certain of the answer, either. Because of this, the lab report grade will not depend on answers to these questions. However, the following might be reasonable answers to these two questions...

The two-tone test is used to measure non-linearities (see the pre-lab). Since the RLC circuit is very linear, it is unlikely that the two-tone test would give any interesting distortion frequencies (harmonics, inter-modulation terms, etc.).

The in-band third-order terms created by a non-linear system could be problematic because they are so close (in frequency) to the input signal. Thus, it would be difficult to design a filter to separate the input frequencies from these in-band distortion terms.

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