CE: "Civil Engineering"

This page is about the courses and material related to the the undergraduate and graduate degrees in Civil Engineering Engineering, as well as the latest news and developments in various areas of civil engineering.

CE from a student's perspective

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CE Courses

  • CE 521: "Construction Business Management"
  • CE 527: "Analytical Methods for the Design of Construction Operations Sem.1"
  • CE 530: "Properties and Production of Concrete"
  • CE 535: "Bituminous Materials and Mixtures"
  • CE 538: "experimental Methods In Construction Materials Research"
  • CE 570: "Advanced Structural Mechanics"
  • CE 571: "Earthquake Engineering"
  • CE 572: "Prestressed Concrete Design"
  • CE 573: "Structural Dynamics"
  • CE 575: "Experimental Methods in Structural Engineering"
  • CE 576: "Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design"
  • CE 591: "Advanced Structural Steel Design"
  • CE 595: "Finite Elements in Elasticity"
  • CE 631: "Advanced Concrete And Aggregates"
  • CE 671: "Behavior of Metal Structures"
  • CE 676: "Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Members"
  • CE 691: "Civil Engineering Seminar"
  • CE 697S:"Bridge Engineering" - Offered during Fall once in 2 years

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