Bonus point opportunity #4

ECE301, Spring 2013, Prof. Krogmeier

Create and solve problems related to z-transforms. Post your problems and solutions.

Note that you will receive full credit if you do the exercise seriously, following all guidelines, even if your answer is not completely correct. Before you do this exercise, please familiarize yourself with Rhea's copyright policy. By default you can login to Rhea with your Purdue CAREER account. Note that the system keeps track of who writes what/when and this information is available for public view. If you would prefer to participate anonymously, please contact your instructor to obtain a new login name.


You must login in order to be able to edit pages. Use the wikitext markup language to type your question and answer. (This is the same language as wikipedia.) Click here for help on the wikitext markup language. DO NOT UPLOAD A PDF OR WORD DOCUMENT. Clearly state the question on top of the page. Put your answer in a separate section below the question. Invite others to share their own answers or comment on your problem/solution towards the bottom of your page. Add the following code on top of your page:

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