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The Bouman Lectures on Image Processing

A Slecture by Maliha Hossain

About Professor Bouman

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Professor Bouman is the Michael and Katherine Birck Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering as well as a Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Purdue University.

He is well known for his dynamic teaching style and his irreverent discourse.

Prof. Bouman is also behind the development of GE's recent low-dose DT scan technology [1] [2] which has recently been approved by FDA.

Perhaps a proof of the high quality of his research is the extent of which is work has been plagiarized. For example his paper titled: "Text Segmentation for MRC Document Compression " (written in collaboration with his graduate student Eri Haneda), which appeared in IEEE Transactions on Image Processing in 2011, was plagiarized twice, by two different sets of authors:

  1. Sreekesh Namboodiri and Kharmega Sundararaj, “MULTISCALE SEGMENTATION FOR MRC,DOCUMENT COMPRESSION USING COST FUNCTION”, International Journal of Computer Networks and Wireless Communications, Vol. 2, No. 2, April 2012 (ISSN: ISSN: 2250-3501)
  2. G.VISWANATH and T.SARATH BABU, “A NOVEL APPROACH FOR MRC DOCUMENT COMPRESSION”, Int. J. of Advanced Scientific Research Technology, Issue 2, Vol. 2, April 2012 (ISSN: 2249-9954)


  • "Professor, so is that right or wrong?" Asked a student in ECE301. "Maybe."
  • "If someone asked me if I wanted a Walmart next door, I would say "no". But if they built it anyway, then I would at least want to be allowed to shop there." (Talking about a proposed new building.)
  • Bending down to pick up something during a talk: "Let me just throw up... (last words impossible to hear)" Of course, he meant to say "throw up this slide" .
  • "So basically, this is for someone living in the 1960's", during a PhD defense after a candidate listed numerous simplifying assumptions such as that the image must be black and white.
  • "I do research with a capital R"-when an undergraduate student asked if she could work for him.
  • "I would like to know what the units are-is it apples,or oranges or light years"-when someone went and asked for more points on a midterm problem where they had forgotten the units for time.
  • Funny snapshot from ECE637 lecture:
Real bouman ECE637.jpg

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