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==Assigned Homework==
==Assigned Homework==
[ Homework 1]
*[ Homework 1]
==Post notes, or questions with notes here==
==Post notes, or questions with notes here==

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MA 504 Fall 2008 Professor Danielli

Problem sets

I will generally post extra problems for the recitation here, print them before coming to class

bobbys example soln_MA504Fall2008danielli

Dave's Recitation Sln 08/28/08_MA504Fall2008danielli There is a mistake here... can you find it before you read my criticism at the bottom of the proof? -Bobby

Assigned Homework

Post notes, or questions with notes here

Getting started

Alumni Liaison

Ph.D. 2007, working on developing cool imaging technologies for digital cameras, camera phones, and video surveillance cameras.

Buyue Zhang