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Project Rhea for MA 375 Fall 2008 Professor Walther


Einstein Proven Right

Uli just updated the sample questions for the final to reflect the 6th edition.

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  • Anyone have any brain teasers like the ones we've done in class, or answers to them?


Study group

Other Resources

Reference Pages Pages that provide Latex commands

Midterm solutions

Basic pointers

  • In order to do any editing, you must be logged in.
  • If you look under MediaWiki FAQ, you get lots of instructions on how to work with Rhea. Some important things are under item 4 in that manual.
  • If you want to do things like $ \sum_{i=1}^\infty 1/i^2 = \frac{\pi^2}{6} $ in Rhea then you should look a) at the "edit" button on this page and b) get acquainted with Latex [1], a text-formatting program designed to write math stuff.
  • Here is some more math, to show you mathsymbol commands:

$ \forall x\in{\mathbb R}, x^2\ge 0.\qquad \exists n\in{\mathbb N}, n^2\le 0 $ where $ {\mathbb N}=0,1,2,\ldots $

  • If you want to make a new page, all you need to do is to invent one. For example, let's say I want to make a page for further instructions on how to deal with Rhea. I just type "double-left-square-bracket page with more instructions double-right-square-bracket", where of course I use the actual brackets. The effect is: I get a link (initially red_MA375Fall2008walther) to a page that is the empty set. Once I click it, the link page with more instructions_MA375Fall2008walther turns blue and I am transferred to a newborn page of name as indicated.

Note: it may take a few minutes for the new page to start existing. If you click the red link and nothing happens, wait a bit and try again.

  • All your contributions are recorded by Rhea. To see all your contributions, look in the upper right to a link that says "My contributions" and click on it. You can also see another user's contributions.
  • To edit your User page, click on the link in the upper right which says your user name. For example, User:Walther

Ideas for posting

Week 1

For this week, click this link here and on that new page create a page as outlined above. Then move to that page and state your favorite theorem. Why is it your favorite theorem? Have other people the same favorite theorem? Crosslink! Use the math-environment if appropriate.

Week 3

For week 3: post and discuss the notion/theorem that you have found hardest to understand so far. Alternatively, find somebody else's post and reply to it by explaining how you understand things.

Further idea: discuss how quotations/citations/references should be handled on a Rhea.

Week 5

Post your solution to exercise 54 of section 5.5 on Rhea here, keeping your solution apart from everybody else's. Also, make sure you post an email address (this will be come relevant for next week's Rhea activity). Please make this your own solution only, don't look at other people's. There will not be credit on that question. This is an exercise in growing up.

NOTE: Many people did not see the link posted within this section, so several solutions are actually found in the 5.5 Homework section.

Week 6

Find another student in class, and in pairs grade each other's Rhea post from week 5. Post your grading comments into the posted solution of that student, using signatures.

After Midterm

Another idea for posting is to edit the Midterm solutions_MA375Fall2008walther page. Give the solution to one of the unsolved problems there, or add another solution to an already solved problem.

Week 11

Post here about the Halting Problem_MA375Fall2008walther.

P = NP

Discussion about the P = NP_MA375Fall2008walther problem here.

Definitions for Final

Christmas Wish Lists

I know it was kind of a joke but I'm doing it anyways. Feel free to be immature with me. Wish Lists

Comments about Project Rhea

This is one of Uli's ideas for posting. So please put your opinions about Rhea, whether it was beneficial to you, if you think it was a success, and any other pertinent information. Opinions


Post questions about material here.

Midterm Information

Midterm Page - Information about problems to expect, what to study, and more.

Final Exam

Final Exam Page - Information about the final, example questions, study ideas, etc.

Homework pages

Assignment 1: Due 9/4

Assignment 2: Due 9/11

Assignment 3: Due 9/18 (9/19?)

Assignment 4: Due 9/25

Assignment 5: Due 10/2

Assignment 6: Due 10/9

Assignment 7: Due 10/16

Assignment 8: Due 10/23

Assignment 9: Due 11/6

Assignment 10: Due 11/13

Assignment 11: Due 11/20

Assignment 12: Due 12/4

Assignment 13: Not Due

Lecture Notes

Getting started

Extra Credit Questions

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