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Rhea Section for MA 598R Pete Weigel, Summer, 2009

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In order to separate different courses, Rhea uses categories. If you are creating a new course page, please invent a new category for the course. It does not have to be in any specific form, but it must be unique. We suggest using the form "XYZ123Spring2008jsmith". To identify a page you create as part of this course (including the main course page), please add


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To facilitate searching, we suggest you make "XYZ123FallSpring2008jsmith" be a subcategory of the categories "XYZ", "XYZ123" "Fall", "2008", "jsmith".

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MA 598R pweigel Summer 2009 Course Details

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Correspondence Chess Grandmaster and Purdue Alumni

Prof. Dan Fleetwood