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Rhea Section for Mathematics MA 504 Recitation Professor Bridges/Torres, Fall 2009

Welcome to the 504 Recitation page. Each week I (Bobby) will make problems to help you prepare for exams and learn the material in general, and I will post them here in PDF format.

Further, in case of the H1N1 virus, we can communicate mathematically from home. Please explore and employ this site as you like, and give suggestions! It works just like a wiki page, but note you have to be signed in to edit or post things.

See you Thursdays at 10:30 in REC 114.


Bobby's info

First problem set on ordered sets, fields, and mainly supremums On Number 4 of this problem set assume "n" and "m" are positive integers. ( I originally typed "non-negative" but that is rather easy.)

Second problem set. This problem set has more sup and inf problems. If you're going to do one, do #3! It also has a cardinality problem

Third problem set with (lots!) of problems on convexity, metric spaces, countability.

Fourth problem set Separate/connected sets, compactness, Cantor set practice

Fifth problem set Goooood problems on sequences, limsups and liminfs, some other topology and a series problem too!

Practice test 1... Good luck!

Sixth problem set Cantor set, and some sums;)

Seventh problem set on continuity

Eighth problem set on continuity also

Ninth problem set on Riemann integration

Tenth Problem set" with a nice exercise on root and ratio tests for Taylor series (Hadamard's stuff)

Eleventh Problem set Uniform convergence with Arzela-Ascoli, C(K), and some integration/differentiation

Practice exam 2 bon chance! Note, a few problems may be on strictly testing material covered before the exam.

Twelfth Problem set on Stone-Weierstrass Theorem

Thirteenth problem set on measures


The math graduate students now have their own Rhea page. Check it out and contribute!

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