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MA460 Homework Discussion

Hello guys! You might want to give more descriptive names to your homework pages, as Rhea is used by many courses on campus. For example, instead of HW1, you could call the page HW1MA460F09Walther or something like that. -pm

not to be rude but does it matter if other courses use HW. HW1MA460F09Walther is is a mess and hard to read. I have used rhea for 3 semesters now and have yet to have a problem. What is your specific issue, maybe i can help you, thank you for your input though.

HW 1


HW 3

HW 4

HW 5

I finally figured out the the 2nd problem in our 2nd quiz. Make another radius that goes to the top point. Than you have 2 isoscles triangles. So a bunch of congruent angles. Than look at the now big triangle made up of the 2 smaller triangles. Add up those angles to 180 degrees. Substitute the congrent triangles shown earlier, than you left with 2 angles that add to 90 degrees. What helped me here is to draw on sketchpad.

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