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* [[MA460_(Fall2009Walther)_Homework|Homework Discussion]]
* [[MA460_(Fall2009Walther)_Homework|Homework Discussion]]
=== Euclid ====
=== Euclid ===
=== Exam Related ===
=== Exam Related ===

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Rhea Section for MA 460 Professor Uli Walther, Fall 2009

Help us find a topic!

The rhea team is organizing an essay contest with cash prizes. We would like to have a math topic for the contest. What should it be? Please write your suggestions here.

Course web page


-9/22/09 Tonight and last week we have met in REC 123, so we plan on doing the same for the following meetings.

-9/15/09 Study Group Meeting Tonight 7:30 p.m. REC 121! A study group session will be held tonight (Tuesday, September 15, 2009) at 7:30 p.m. in REC 121. We will continue to have these on the same day and time unless otherwise noted. The actual meeting is planned for REC 121, but if it is taken we will find another room. So meet at REC 121. We will try and get Uli to reserve this room for our time slot. Hope to see you there!

-9/29/09 Euclid groups have been defined, see the next big item below.

Euclid groups and propositions

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The Course Page

Final exam

You may bring: .

No books, no calculators.

What's New

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Homework Related


Exam Related

  • The final is cumulative.



Area to post questions, set up study groups, etc. Calculus Classes 1 and 2 Both of these classes have many options to them. For Calculus 2 you can take one of three options. 162 is the lowest level that you could take. This is going to be in a larger lecture hall and with little to no individual attention. Then you have 172 which is a higher level honors course. Its going to be a lot like 162 except more work, and you will have a few more projects to complete. Finally 181 is the highest version on could take. It is a lot of proofs and is typically for gifted students that want to challenge themselves.

Questions for Uli

Uli has agreed to contribute to Rhea under the condition that someone maintain the page regarding questions for him. Therefore, if you would like your question read by Uli, please post it here:

Book market

Alumni Liaison

Ph.D. 2007, working on developing cool imaging technologies for digital cameras, camera phones, and video surveillance cameras.

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