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Message Area:
<B> <SPAN STYLE="text-decoration: blink;color:blue">Please help the younger math majors!</span> </B>
<B> <SPAN STYLE="text-decoration: blink;color:blue">Have a fun labor day weekend!</span> </B>
Do you have a piece of advice to give to students about to take MA351? Please go to the [[MA351_(Fall2009MKummini)|MA351 course page of Prof. Kummini]] and leave a message to encourage them to go through this difficult course. For example, is there anything in this course that turned out to be very important later on? In retrospect, do you think you should have paid more attention to certain concept? etc. Go ahead and tell them!

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Rhea Section for MA 460 Professor Uli Walther, Fall 2009

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Have a fun labor day weekend!

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Final exam

You may bring: .

No books, no calculators.

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  • The final is cumulative.



Area to post questions, set up study groups, etc. Calculus Classes 1 and 2

Questions for Uli

Uli has agreed to contribute to Rhea under the condition that someone maintain the page regarding questions for him. Therefore, if you would like your question read by Uli, please post it here:

Book market

Alumni Liaison

Ph.D. on Applied Mathematics in Aug 2007. Involved on applications of image super-resolution to electron microscopy

Francisco Blanco-Silva