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* [ Course Page]
* [ Course Page]
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* [ Math Club Homepage]
(See more below in Miscellaneous)
(See more below in Miscellaneous)

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Rhea Section for MA 375 Professor Walther, Spring 2009

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(See more below in Miscellaneous)

First time? Read this general note

Instructor's corner/How to get started

Getting started

  • To start, click the "Help" button above and read what's there.
  • To edit pages, first log in (with your purdue account to create pages. Then click "edit" (under "Page" above) and remember to click "Save Page" after you are done editting.).
  • To get a quick idea what works how, click "edit" on this page to see how to do the things visible on this page.
  • Note that the "edit" mode has a spell-checking feature: look for red-underlined stuff.

Creating pages

  • To create a new page named "B" from a page A, go to edit page A and insert the text [[B]]. (Note that "B" is like a web address for a webpage. Each page also has a name, but you can call the link anything (like fancy_title) by typing [[B|fancy_title]] rather than just B. After saving, find the new red link on page A that appeared. When you click it, you'll note you are now on page B (which of course is empty at this point).
  • NOTE: if the "new" link comes out blue, instead of red, you chose a title of an existing page and did not create a new one. The blue link gets you simply to the already existing one. Use distinctive names for your new creations!
  • If you place "Category:MA375Spring2009Walther" enclosed by square brackets on top of a new page it will be parsed by the system as belonging to this course. It can then be searched (for) in a meaningful way.

Advanced Rhea techniques

  • You can look at other Rhea pages by clicking "main page" and then "course pages". Especially the ECE pages will get you an idea where one can take Rhea...
  • Do you want to display pages in other pages?

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