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ECE438 Course Outline (Fall 2019, Prof. Boutin)

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Note: PM refers to the official course book: "Digital Signal Processing," 3rd edition, J.G. Proakis and D.G. Manolakis. Prentice Hall, 1996.

Pre-requisite Material (Will not be covered explicitly.)

Part I (week 1-7): Spectral Analysis of 1D signals

  • Week 1-2: CT and DT Fourier Transforms
    • References
      • PM pp. 253-259, 264-314.
      • Prof. Allebach's lecture notes on Fourier analysis
      • Prof. Pollak's notes on frequency analysis
      • Slectures on Fourier transform as a function of frequency ω versus Fourier transform as a function of frequency f (in hertz).
      • Slectures on definition of the "rep" and "comb" operators.
      • Slectures on Fourier transform of "rep" and "comb".
    • Labs
      • Lab 1 - on discrete and continuous-time signals
      • Lab 2 - on discrete-time systems

  • Week 3-4-5: Sampling, Reconstruction, and Sampling Rate Conversion
    • References
    • Labs
      • Lab 3 - on frequency analysis
      • Lab 4a) -on sampling and reconstruction
      • Lab 4b) - on interpolation and decimation + early student feedback to TAs

Part 2 (week 9-14): DT Systems and Applications

  • Week 15: Review
    • Lab
      • Review

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