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Math squad help

Math Squad: How to get Started Writing Your tutorial

Feel free to add comments, questions, etc.

  • Step 1: Find a title for your tutorial page and write it on the Math Squad page
    • I suggest you follow Kilian's example: his is called Divergence_and_gradient_theorems_mathsquad_S13.
    • You can also refer to this template page Tutorial Template
    • Write the name of your page in the list (between square brackets to make it a link) on top of the Math Squad page. More specifically, the syntax to make a link to your page is the following: [[title_of_my_page_that_will_be_part_of_URL | text that will show on the page]] .
    • Don't forget to save your changes after editing.
    • Any Questions?
      • Write question here.
      • write question here.
  • Step 2: Edit your page
    • After adding the name of your tutorial page to theMath Squad page, take a look at it: your page name should show up in red. Click on the red text and you will be taken to the place where you can edit your page.
    • I suggest you copy and paste the code of Kilian's page, and erase the parts you don't need.
    • Editing help:
    • Any Questions?
      • Write question here.
      • write question here.
  • To help browsing and increasing pageviews:
    • You should put some "Categories" on your tutorial page, such as
      • [[Category:tutorial]]
      • [[Category:math]]
  • Topic Ideas
    • The geometric series formula (finite and infinite): proofs, how to use it, change of variable tricks, etc. Note that Rhea already has many pages talking about the geometric series (which you could cross-link), but not good reference summarizing everything in a clear way.
    • Probability: Computing the probability of false alarm using Bayes rule. Give examples related to diseases testing, pregnancy tests, radar detection, etc. Note how some screening tests can have a very high false positive rate. Show how the false positives vary depending on the prior (rate in the total population), etc.
  • Help with editing math equations
    • If your equation looks to small, but a backslash "\" at the end.
without backslash:
$ P[A\cap B_j] = P[A|B_j]P[B_j] $
with backlash:
$ P[A\cap B_j] = P[A|B_j]P[B_j] \ $

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