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ECE Ph.D. Qualifying Exam

Communication, Networking, Signal and Image Processing (CS)

Question 1: Probability and Random Processes

August 2000

Part 3

Inquiries arrive at a recorded message device according to a Poisson process of rate 15 inquiries per minute. Find the probability that in a 1-minute period, 3 inquiries arrive during the first 10 seconds and 2 inquiries arrive during the last 15 seconds.

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Solution 1 (retrived from here)

$ \lambda=\frac{15}{60\text{ sec}}=\frac{1}{4}\text{ sec}^{-1}. $

$ P\left(\left\{ N\left(t_{1},t_{2}\right)=k\right\} \right)=\frac{\left(\left(\lambda\left(t_{2}-t_{1}\right)\right)^{k}e^{-\lambda\left(t_{2}-t_{1}\right)}\right)}{k!}. $

$ P\left(\left\{ N\left(0,10\right)=3\right\} \cap\left\{ N\left(45,60\right)=2\right\} \right)=P\left(\left\{ N\left(0,10\right)=3\right\} \right)P\left(\left\{ N\left(45,60\right)=2\right\} \right) $$ =\frac{\left(\frac{1}{4}\times10\right)^{3}e^{-\frac{1}{4}\times10}}{3!}\times\frac{\left(\frac{1}{4}\times15\right)^{2}e^{-\frac{1}{4}\times15}}{2!} $$ =\frac{1}{12}\cdot\left(\frac{5}{2}\right)^{3}\left(\frac{15}{4}\right)^{2}e^{-\frac{25}{4}}. $

Solution 2

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