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  • Will plot X versus Y. If Y is omitted, the function will plot X versus size(X).
  • Z parameter will change the format of the plot. It is a character string. For example, Z = 'b*' will plot using blue stars. For all possible options, check the help page for plot


  • Creates plot with logarithmic scale for x


  • Creates plot with logarithmic scale for y


  • Creates plot with logarithmic scales for both x and y


  • Will plot multiple curves on one graph where X, Y and Z each correspond to one individual curve.


  • Will allow you to plot many graphs at once. X and Y are the number of graphs in each row and column, respectively. Z is the current graph that the plot() command will affect.
  • To change which plot to modify, you must reuse the subplot command with the same X and Y, and change the Z value to the plot you wish to modify


  • Changes the label for the x and y axis on the current graph.


  • Changes the title of the current graph.

grid on/ grid off/ grid minor

  • Turns a grid on or off. grid minor adds more lines to the plot.

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Abstract algebra continues the conceptual developments of linear algebra, on an even grander scale.

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