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! [[User:dkenzheb|Daulet Kenzhebalin]]  
! [[User:dkenzheb|Daulet Kenzhebalin]]  
! [[User:-|Scott Dye]]
! [[User:dyes|Scott Dye]]

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Lab wiki for ECE 438:Digital Signal Processing With Applications, Fall 2019

Meet your Instructors

Daulet Kenzhebalin Scott Dye

Lab syllabus / Coding Rubric

MATLAB Help Reference Landis Huffman's Matlab Page

Lab report (don't forget the following):

- Cover page: lab#, names, signatures, participation[%], time spent outside the lab session

- Copy the questions in the INLAB REPORT for each section, then answer.

- If INLAB REPORT asks to hand in your Matlab code, include the codes in your report.

- Other requirements: Additional lab report requirement

Basic Folder Setup

  • Week 14: Thanksgiving Break
  • Week 16: Q & A Session (Dead week)

Alumni Liaison

To all math majors: "Mathematics is a wonderfully rich subject."

Dr. Paul Garrett