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Rhea Section for ECE 438: Digital Signal Processing with Applications Professor Boutin, Fall 2009

Course statistics: GPA 2.52

7 As, 9 Bs, 10 Cs, 3 Ds, 2 Fs.

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Prof. Mimi is on facebook too.

Another Open Source MATLAB-like software!! Hey Everyone, this is the link to a new open-source software that is very similar to MATLAB Dlamba 17:04, 27 November 2009 (UTC)

Rhea Help Manual

Course Info

Course Related Material


Note that it is perfectly ok to discuss the homework questions on Rhea. In particular, you are allowed to post your own solutions at any time.--Mboutin 09:40, 25 August 2009 (UTC)

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Peer Legacy for ECE438
Peer Legacy for ECE302, ECE311, Fund. of Nanoelectronics, or VIP.
Who do you picture reads Rhea, and how does that influence what/how you post?


Lab related links and comments


  • Test 1 (out of 145)
Stats: mean=69.7, median=70, std=28.3, grade histogram:Test1HistECE438F09.png
Please give exam feedback here.
  • Test 2 (out of 115)
Stats: mean=86.7, median=85, std=19.98, grade histogram:Test2HistECE438F09.png
Please give exam feedback here.
  • Final (out of 220)
Stats: mean=126.9, median=126, Max=195, Min=48
gradelines: $ A \geq 170 $, $ B \geq 139 $, $ C \geq 100 $, $ D \geq 72 $
Final Exam Discussion

Student-Led Recitations

  • Student-Led Recitation Guidelines
  • There will be up to two recitations on each subject: one on Monday 6-7pm, EE115, and one on Tuesday 6-7pm, EE115.
  • Please specify M or Tu next to your name, so we know which day you are available to lead the recitation.
Topic Number Topic Description Leader Recitation Date Recitation Time Room Number
1 CT and DT Fourier transform Hamad Al Shehhi, Tue 9/1/2009 6-7pm ee115
2 z-transform Carlos Leon 9/8/2009 6-7pm ee115
3a sampling part 1 Michael Wei - Tu Sept. 15 6-7pm ee115
3b sampling part 2 name - M/Tu Sept. 21/22 6-7pm ee115
4 Discrete Fourier transform Kelli Hacker - M Sept. 28 6-7pm ee115
5 Fast Fourier transform Emily Thompson skip TBD TBD
6 DT Systems Ryan Taylor - Tu TBD TBD TBD
7 Filtering-Recap Dhruv Lamba Tu, Nov 17 6-7pm EE 115
8 Speech - Mo

Peter Clay - Tu

Nov. 3 6-7pm EE115
9a Spectral Analysis of 2D signals Ryan Scheidt - Tuesday Dec. 1st, Tuesday 6-7pm EE115
9b Spectral Analysis of 2D signals Ren Pan -Mo Nov. 16(Mo) 6-7pm EE115
10a Image Processing Ananya Panja-Tuesday Dec 8th,Tue 6-7pm EE115
10b Image Processing Recitation Michael Nolte TBD 6-7pm EE 115
11 Quantization (if time permits) Your Name TBD TBD TBD
12 Encoding (if time permits) Your Name TBD TBD TBD

Useful Links


  • VIP callout!
  • Are you considering a career in research? Do you want to know more about the kind of opportunities available for people with a graduate degree? We just had a great talk by Dr. Ken Tobin from Oak Ridge National Lab. His abstract, bio as well as a link to his slides can be found here. Take a look!

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