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Dhruv Lamba

It's hard to smile in -45C

**Hi, my name is Dhruv Lamba. I am a senior in Electrical Engineering at Purdue University. My research interests include Signal Processing, (mainly Spectral Analysis, Filter Design and Image Processing), Digital Systems Design and Psychology (sounds weird for a EE right? But the brain is better than any electronic system ever built, and that ever will be, because even for the best computer known to man, it will be man's brain that designed it).

Dhruv Lamba.jpg

  • I am a strong supporter of Rhea, because it goes beyond the pedagogic (and often boring) approach of transferring information from teacher to student. In other words, it lets us learn our way.
  • So you will be seeing a lot of pages that describe my exploration of my courses my way. They may often be less than perfectly correct, but that's what's cool about Rhea, it let's people tell me that!
  • Anyway, here's a couple of em'.

I am also a great supporter of Open Source Software. Here are some great alternatives that you can use, that are almost as good as their million dollar counterparts:

  • MATLAB  : FreeMat, SAGE
    Photoshop  : GIMP(found this recently, excellent capabilities)
    AutoCAD  : Google Sketchup (much easier to use, and much nicer to your RAM)

Please report bugs on any of my pages to

Alumni Liaison

Abstract algebra continues the conceptual developments of linear algebra, on an even grander scale.

Dr. Paul Garrett