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Case 6: Female Issue

Class Absence Excuse Discussion, ECE400, Spring 2012

A female student misses class because of excruciating menstrual pain that is not relieved by medicine. She wants to be excused.

  • Shicheng Guo, Response
    • I was going to say this is not an excuse, but according to a nearby female, guys just don't understand. So I changed my mind, and I believe that any time any female even mentions menstrual pain, it should automatically excuse her from anything, including murder.
  • Artyom Melanich, Response
    • I don't really know how to approach this one but I would try to make an exception only once and see the doctor to avoid it in the future.
  • Cody Cusic, Response
    • If the pain is that bad, the student should visit a doctor to get some medication. In that case they would have a doctor's note that they could use as proof. If they have a doctor's note then the absence should be approved, because it shows that they are taking the steps to solve the problem in the hopes that it doesn't happen again next month. In the professional world, a person would not be able to miss a week of work every month because of this issue, so it needs to be resolved now while they are still in college.
  • Seth Strege, Response
    • I would not classify this case as a valid excuse. If the instructor allows one student to miss a class for this reason, then they will have no choice but to let other students with the same problem to miss class as well. There is no way to prove that pain is even occurring. A class period is only 50 minutes to sit through anyways.
  • Zhanibek Bekmurat, Respnse
    • Even though it sounds harsh but I would not this student to get a point back. Many people suffer pain at some point, e.g. back pain when they are barely able to walk, etc. However, each of these people should also have a sense of responsibility which tells them to sit through the class no matter what.
  • Upsham Dawra, Response
    • I would not give this student their point back. This is because, being in college and ECE40000 means that she is probably near 20 years of age and has had enough experience with her body by now. She should know what kind of pains her body has, and should have informed the instructor a day in advance at least about the possibility of this situation occurring. And, if it was a one-off case, I would say that one attendance point does not count for much and there is more than ample opportunity to make up for it in bonus credit. However, giving her the point would not be setting a good precedent for the class.
  • Keegan McGraw, Response
    • This seems like a medical issue that can retrieve a doctor's note if it is in fact so serious. If not then the student will just have to lose the point. Now if the student came to class and asked to be excused for feeling ill, that is a different story because I believe any teacher would let a student who was going to vomit, leave the room and not be penalized.
  • Han Byul Park, Response
    • Again, I would only let this student be excused if she can provide proof. She should definitely email the professor before class that she will miss class and get a doctor's note. She should be able to get a doctor's note if it is a serious problem.
  • Zachary Smith, Response
    • This is not a valid excuse, if there is truly pain so excruciating that it incapacitates the person completely, doctors should be involved to get the issue treated. With a doctors note you should follow whatever procedure the course has set up for doctors note, without it, there is no valid excuse.
  • Craig Lechlitner, Response
    • I do not believe this is a valid excuse. Women do not get one extra day per month off work for this, so I do not think they should get time off school either. College should prepare students for careers, and the absence policy should reflect what is typical at companies.
  • Stephen Zabrecky, Response:
    • I am not a female so I really cannot relate to this. I consulted with my mother (who is a Gynecologist) and she classifies this issue to be in the same group as severe migraines. There should be some leeway for these occasions and 1 excused absence is acceptable. She does state however, that chronic medical conditions (like this one) can be treated and should not be granted any further excused absences.

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