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=Lab wiki for ECE 438:Digital Signal Processing With Applications, Fall 2019=
==Meet your Instructors==
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! [[User:dkenzheb|Daulet Kenzhebalin]]
! [[User:-|Scott Dye]]
[[Media:438_Lab_syllabus_Fall2019.pdf |Lab syllabus]] / [[Media:438Lab_CodingRubric_e2.0.pdf|Coding Rubric]]
MATLAB [http://engineering.purdue.edu/VISE/ee438L/matlab/help/pdf/mathelp.pdf Help Reference]
Landis Huffman's [[Landis'_Matlab_Page|Matlab Page]]
Lab report (don't forget the following):
- Cover page: lab#, names, signatures, participation[%], time spent outside the lab session
- Copy the questions in the INLAB REPORT for each section, then answer.
- If INLAB REPORT asks to hand in your Matlab code, include the codes in your report.
- Other requirements: [[Labreport_requirement_add|Additional lab report requirement]]
[[Basic_Setup|Basic Folder Setup]]
*Week 1: [[Media:Lab1F16.pdf| Lab 1 - Discrete and Continuous Time Signals]]  -([[Sound Trouble?]])
*Week 2:  [[Media:Lab2S17.pdf| Lab 2 - Discrete Time Systems]]  - Download data: [[Media:bbox.zip| bbox]] ([[Sound Trouble?]])
*Week 3:  [[Media:lab3ECE438F15.pdf| Lab 3 - Frequency Analysis]]
*Week 4:  [[Media:Lab4aF16.pdf| Lab 4a - Sampling and Reconstruction]]
*Week 5:  [[Media:Lab4bF16.pdf| Lab 4b - Interpolation and Decimation]]  - [https://engineering.purdue.edu/~bouman/ece637/notes/pdf/RateConversion.pdf Graphical Description of 1D/2D Interpolatoin and Decimation]
*Week 6:  [[Media:lab5ECE438F15.pdf| Lab 5- Number Representation and Waveform Quantization]]
*Week 7:  [[Media:lab6aECE438F15.pdf| Lab 6a - DFT and FFT]]
*Week 8:  [[Media:lab6bECE438F15.pdf| Lab 6b - DFT and FFT]]
*Week 9:  [[Media:lab7aECE438F15.pdf| Lab 7a - Digital Filter Design]]
*Week 10:  [[Media:lab7bECE438F15.pdf| Lab 7b - Digital Filter Design]]
*Week 11:  [http://engineering.purdue.edu/VISE/ee438L/lab9/pdf/lab9a.pdf Lab 9a - Speech Processing] - Download and use [[Media:start.wav|start.wav]] for Part 2.2 instead of the linked file in the pdf.
*Week 12:  [http://engineering.purdue.edu/VISE/ee438L/lab9/pdf/lab9b.pdf Lab 9b - Speech Processing] - A brief note for [https://www.sfu.ca/sonic-studio-webdav/handbook/Formant.html Formant].
*Week 13:  [http://engineering.purdue.edu/VISE/ee438L/lab10/pdf/lab10a.pdf Lab 10a - Image Processing]
*Week 14: Thanksgiving Break
*Week 15:  [http://engineering.purdue.edu/VISE/ee438L/lab10/pdf/lab10b.pdf Lab 10b - Image Processing]
*Week 16: Q & A Session (Dead week)

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