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Course Related Material

Your turn! A bonus point opportunity

Students in MA375 (Walther) have the opportunity to earn up to a 5% bonus by contributing a Rhea page on a subject related to linear algebra. To pick a subject, simply write your name next to it. Please no more than one student per subject. Your page will be graded based on content as well as interactions with other people (page views, comments/questions on the page, etc.). The number of links to other courses and subjects will also be taken into account: the more the merrier! Please do not simply copy the lecture notes and do not plagiarize. Read Rhea's copyright policy before proceeding.

For some lovely contributions, see Honors Project 2011 by Daniel Lee

Topic Number Topic Description Student Name Deadline
1 Special sequences of numbers Antong Li At Final
2 Games and mathematics Carolyn Hanes At Final
3 Mysteries of probability Matt Metzger
At Final
4 Hyperplane arrangements Your Name Here At Final
5 The use of graph theory Yuedong Fang At Final
6 Explaining a Clay problem Stephanie Wicke At Final
7 Coloring problems Chencheng Wang At Final
8 What is homology? Your Name Here At Final
9 Greedy methods Yi Mao  At Final
10 Cantor, sets, and continua Qinwen Zhang At Final
11 Paradoxa come in different kinds Your Name Here At Final
12 What really IS a real number? Edward Gier At Final
13 Making Friends With ... Theresa Blaisdell At Final
14 Distinguished/Indistinguished Problem Pianpian Cao At Final

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  • Discussion of Homework Problems (Just keep adding to it!)

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