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Rhea Section for MA 265 Professor Walther, Fall 2011

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OTHERWISE NO CREDIT ! (If you use the "Create a child page" button, this should happen automatically...)


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  • Q: How does one pay the access fee if one does not have the code straight from with the textbook? (Contact webassign via phone!)

First time? Read this general note

Instructor's corner/How to get started

  • Getting started
    • To start, click the "Help" button above and read what's there.
    • To edit pages, first log in (with your purdue account to create pages. Then click "edit" (under "Page" above) and remember to click "Save Page" after you are done editting.).
    • To get a quick idea what works how, click "edit" on this page to see how to do the things visible on this page.
    • Note that the "edit" mode has a spell-checking feature: look for red-underlined stuff.
  • Creating pages
    • To create a new page named "B" from a page A, go to edit page A and insert the text [[B]]. (Note that "B" is like a web address for a webpage. Each page also has a name, but you can call the link anything (like fancy_title) by typing [[B|fancy_title]] rather than just B. After saving, find the new red link on page A that appeared. When you click it, you'll note you are now on page B (which of course is empty at this point).
    • NOTE: if the "new" link comes out blue, instead of red, you chose a title of an existing page and did not create a new one. The blue link gets you simply to the already existing one. Use distinctive names for your new creations!
    • If you place "Category:MA265Fall2011Walther" enclosed by square brackets on top of a new page it will be parsed by the system as belonging to this course. It can then be searched (for) in a meaningful way.
  • Advanced Rhea techniques
    • You can look at other Rhea pages by clicking "main page" and then "course pages". Especially the ECE pages will get you an idea where one can take Rhea...

Your turn! A bonus point opportunity

Students in MA265 Fall 2011 (Walther) have the opportunity to earn up to a 5% bonus by contributing a Rhea page on a subject related to linear algebra. To pick a subject, simply write your name next to it. Please no more than one student per subject. Your page will be graded based on content as well as interactions with other people (page views, comments/questions on the page, etc.). The number of links to other courses and subjects will also be taken into account: the more the merrier! Please do not simply copy the lecture notes and do not plagiarize. Read Rhea's copyright policy before proceeding.

Topic Number Topic Description Student Name Deadline
1 Matrix Multiplication and coordinate systems Bernardo Guerra TBD
2 The inverse of a matrix Carlos de la Garza TBD
3 The determinant Mauricio Martinez TBD
4 Linear dependence Jesus Gallegos TBD
5 Basis and dimension of vector spaces your name here TBD
6 Inner products, orthogonality Margaret Kleindl TBD
7 Linear transformations, isomorphisms Jackson McCormick TBD
8 Eigenvalues and eigenvectors libo dong TBD
9 Conic sections your name here TBD
10 Quadric surfaces in 3-space your name here TBD
11 Systems of Differential Equations Chengxi Wang TBD
12 Linear programming Plawooth Charoenchitmun TBD

Note: if you want to make a matrix, look at the source code for this page (click "edit") to see the syntax for the following matrix: $ \left(\begin{array}{cccc}1&2&3&4\\5&6&7&8\end{array}\right) $

Course Related Material

  • Discussion of Homework Problems

Cross-Campus Discussion

  • Hello all! The students in ECE438: "Digital Signal Processing" (DSP) will be talking to you this semester. We hope you do not mind this intrusion in your class wiki. DSP is a course mainly taken by students in electrical engineering, and linear algebra is extremely important for electrical engineers! We will try to tell you why below, and we hope that you will be able to help us with our linear algebra problems.

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