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Special Message:

Want to tell the whole world "Why you ECE"? Want to win cash prizes?

Participate in Rhea's Essay Contest this summer!

Rhea Section for ECE 364 Professor Johnson, Spring 2010

Welcome to Rhea!

The course staff for ECE 364 has decided to open a Rhea page to allow students further (and quicker) discussion for the course. If you have never used Rhea, please familiarize yourself with it by following some of the links off the main page.

Some help tools

"How to create a page" video Help Manual


  • Link to page discussing topic 1 (please fill in)
  • Link to page discussing topic 2 (please fill in)

Peer Legacy

As the end of the semester is approaching, please consider leaving a comment on the ECE364 Peer Legacy page. The "Peer Legacy" pages of Rhea are for students to leave comments about the classes they have taken, for the benefit of future students. Relevant topics include: What course do you recommend taking before/after a given class? What aspect of the course did you find the most useful/important? etc. For an example, look at the ECE 301 Peer Legacy page.

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Mu Qiao