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Linear Algebra the Conceptual Way

by Kevin LaMaster, proud Member of the Math Squad.


For many students they are able to skate by in linear algebra by following equations and systems but don't understand the intuitive nature of matrices and vectors and their operators. This tutorial is not meant as a replacement to the course but should rather be used as a supplement to the course to understand why the operations work as they do


For computer science students vectors can be seen as ordered lists, for engineering students focused on physics they can be seen as a direction and a length. For linear algebra they can be approached from any and every angle.

For the purposes of this tutorial think of it was a way to move a point (normally at the origin) to another point

As a warning most of this page will be movement oriented and I will try my best to graphically demonstrate that

So for example the vector $ \begin{bmatrix} 1\\ 2\end{bmatrix} $ will move a vector from the origin to point (1,2)

Work in Progress

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