Notes from Kick-off meeting (mcjohnso) 9/7/11 5:30-6:20pm


Chua, Kin Chin Guenette, Matthew F. Holmes, Jason R. Romanoff, Christopher D. Stack, Scott P. Michael Piercy Prof. Jim Krogmeier Dr. Mark Johnson


Jason willing to serve as “secretary” for the team

Revisions to draft team syllabus

  • Delete “Requirements Document” from syllabus as it is part of the final report.
  • Week 10 demo to be TCP/IP link demonstration
  • Poster session is to be approximately week 12
  • Week 15 demo to be a remote control demo via TCP/IP link

Discussion of features to implement

  • Basic requirement: RC car with 2 motors driving 2 weeks and steering control
  • More capabilities to consider:
  • have vehicle complete a task
  • incorporate a web cam
  • travel a course with obstacles
  • make vehicle somewhat autonomous

Discussion of meeting times:

Currently proposed as 4:30-5:30pm Friday, but 5:00-6:00 apparently works for everybody & would enable Prof. Krogmeier to participate more as his other VIP team meets 4:30-5:30 Fridays.

Alumni Liaison

Basic linear algebra uncovers and clarifies very important geometry and algebra.

Dr. Paul Garrett